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Empowering Wind Industry Professionals

VIVABLAST, in collaboration with Global Wind Academy Denmark, proudly hosts Global Wind Academy Vietnam. Since 2018, we have been a pioneering GWO training center in the region, offering comprehensive safety courses tailored to the wind industry.

GWO Training Course

Our services encompass a range of GWO training courses designed to equip professionals in the wind energy sector. From the foundational GWO Basic Safety Training (GWO BST) to the advanced GWO Enhanced First Aid Training (GWO EFA), our programs ensure that participants gain essential knowledge and skills required to work safely in the wind turbine industry. Upon successful completion of these courses at Global Wind Academy Vietnam, you receive globally recognized certificates, validating your compliance with WTG environment requirements.

At VIVABLAST, we offer 4 key training courses, ranging from entry-level to advanced:

  • GWO Basic Safety Training (GWO BST)
  • GWO Basic Technical Training (GWO BTT)
  • GWO Advanced Rescue Training (GWO ART)
  • GWO Enhanced First Aid Training (GWO EFA)

Why Choose Us?

  • Accredited by GWO, ensuring that your training aligns with internationally recognized standards
  • Professionals and instructors bring extensive knowledge and practical insights to your training experience, enhancing the learning process
  • Both Vietnamese and English languages
  • Modern, well-equipped facilities designed

Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

VIVABLAST is committed to achieving the highest standards of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) performance in all aspects of our business. We recognize that our success depends on our ability to consistently deliver safe, high-quality services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations while minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment.

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Additional Details Regarding GWO Training Courses

In accordance with Global Wind Academy Denmark, VIVABLAST is the first GWO training center, which is named Global Wind Academy Vietnam, to offer GWO training courses since 2018. The training center is fully equipped with approved innovative facilities, certified protective gear, and reliable tools for the best training experiences. This training is taken to prepare you with useful knowledge for reducing the risk associated with safety hazards that might occur while working in the wind turbine industry.

Here at VIVABLAST, we offer four main training courses from entry-level to advanced, which are commonly known as:

  • GWO Basic Safety Training (GWO BST);
  • GWO Basic Technical Training (GWO BTT);
  • GWO Advanced Rescue Training (GWO ART)
  • GWO Enhanced First Aid Training (GWO EFA)

After completing the GWO training course from GLOBAL WIND ACADEMY (Vietnam), you will get:

  • A Certificate valid worldwide;
  • The guarantee to your employer that you are aware of all the requirements needed in the WTG’s environment.

GLOBAL WIND ACADEMY (Vietnam) is proud to be the first certified provider of GWO training in both Vietnamese and English languages.

GWO Basic Safety Training (GWO BST)

The GWO BST training enables participants to support and care for themselves and others working in the industry by possessing the knowledge and skills of first aid, working at heights, manual handling, fire awareness, sea survival, and in case of an emergency, to be able to evacuate, rescue and provide appropriate first aid to casualties.

GWO BST scaled

GWO Basic Technical Training (GWO BTT)

The GWO Basic Technical Training standardized training course on engineering work in a wind farm. This entry-level course does not require previous experience in hydraulic, mechanical, or electrical, although those with experience in those fields can update and improve their knowledge, especially since this course is dedicated to the Wind Industry.

A maintenance package that complies with GWO basic technical maintenance standards for technical work on wind farms. If you have experience in those fields, you can participate in this basic course to update and upgrade your own knowledge, especially this course is intended for the wind power industry.

GWO BTT scaled

GWO Advanced Rescue Training (GWO ART)

The GWO ART course shall enable delegates to perform entry-type injured person rescue operations in a WTG, using industry-standard rescue equipment, rescue methods, and techniques exceeding those of GWO Working at Height. The target group is personnel who will be working in the wind industry or related fields and will have their duties in a wind turbine environment.

GWO ART scaled

GWO Enhanced First Aid Training (GWO EFA)

The EFA Training shall enable participants to support and care for others working in the industry by possessing the knowledge, skills, and ability of enhanced first aid. Upon completion of the GWO EFA training, participants will be able to administer safe, effective, and immediate lifesaving and enhanced first aid measures to save lives and give assistance in remote areas using advanced emergency equipment and medical teleconsultation.


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