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Zinga on Power Plant

Major failures have occurred in power plants due to single-phase or wet-steam erosion-corrosion, resulting in injuries or loss of life as well as extensive plant downtime. Both nuclear and fossil power plants as well as petrochemical plants are susceptible to erosion-corrosion.

In power plants, corrosion processes are strongly affected by operational measured variables such as environment medium, construction, material, and/or mechanical load. The substantial material strains by the operating pressure, the mass flow, the temperature of the cooling water, and the special requirements of water chemistry (conductivity) represent a special hazard regarding corrosive material changes in this range.

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Important influence factors which can favor corrosion processes at safety-relevant components are the operating conditions existing in Light Water Reactor plants such as water chemistry, assigned materials, mechanical and thermal loads, neutron irradiation, operational state (full power or outage), and geometrical factors. In particular, in the first years of nuclear energy production, corrosion damages in the nuclear power plants led to undesired consequences.

Project References:

  • UKRAINE – Kiev Energo Power Plant
  • AUSTRIA – Gugler Waterturbines
  • UKRAINE – Zuyevskaya Thermal Power Plant
  • CZECH REPUBLIC – Krasikov Transformer Station
  • BELGIUM – Tractebel Power Station
  • SOUTH AFRICA – Port Elisabeth Electricity Department
  • UKRAINE – Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station
  • CZECH REPUBLIC – Temelin Nuclear Power Plant

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In 2011, the construction of a new Waste-to-Energy facility was started. This project ‘Runcorn Il’, was finished in 2015.

The facility is located in Manchester, UK where it will offer a solution for a large amount of municipal waste by using this waste to produce up to 80 MW of electricity and 54 MW of heat. The large steel beams at the top of the building, which are too big to be hot-dip galvanized, were treated with ZINGA.

This is the first major project in the UK where a combination of hot-dip galvanized and film-galvanized steelwork has been assembled into a single structure.

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