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The lifetime of a transmission tower may reach 80 to 120 years, and proper maintenance is provided. Within this time some elements need to be changed (maybe earth wires, conductors, clamps), others need refurbishment (foundations, earthing grid). In most cases, steel towers need protection against corrosion. Hot-dip galvanizing is a common method for such protection. The galvanizing materials do not last forever and after a certain period of time, coating of structures on site becomes necessary (maintenance coating).

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ZINGA is the ideal solution when it comes to the protection of pylons or electricity poles. The vast majority of pylons are hot-dipped. This is because they consist of small elements bolted together (easy to hot-dip) and because most pylons are situated in highly corrosive areas.

Since the structures are to be in constant operation modus (a shutdown means no electricity), they cannot be dismantled for re galvanizing. Therefore, to ensure cathodic protection, treatment with a galvanic coating is necessary.

ZINGA can recharge the galvanic protection!

Project References:

  • INDONESIA – PLN High Tension Pylons
  • AZERBAIJAN – Bakcell Communication Tower
  • COSTA RICA – ICE High Tension Pylons
  • CZECH REPUBLIC – Krasikov Transformer Station
  • MALAYSIA – Tenaga Nasional Berhad Pylons
  • CAMEROON Sonel Pylons
  • ROMANIA – Muntenia Pylons
  • AUSTRALIA – Alcoa LTD Pylons, Transend Networks Pylons, Transgrid Pylons, Powerlink Pylons, Energex Pylons
  • NEW ZEALAND – Transpower Pylons


Transpower New Zealand Limited is the state-owned enterprise responsible for electric power transmission in New Zealand.

The New Zealand national grid provides the means of transporting bulk electricity from where it is generated to cities, towns, and some major industrial users.

Transpower owns and operates 11,806 kilometers (7,336 mi) of transmission lines.

Since 2009, ZINGA is a unique system (2x 60 um DFT) that has been used on over 330 transmission towers of Transpower, reloading the old hot-dipped pylons.

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