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Zinga on tanks, containers & silos

Containers, tanks and silos are used around the world to store a wide array of materials. The containers protect the stored materials from the environment, but the containers should also be protected from the effects of the most harsh weather conditions they are in. Leaking storage tanks, whether above or below ground, can pollute the environment, threaten public health, and lead to billions of dollars in direct and indirect costs.

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Containers are exposed to various corrosive elements such as airborne salt and industrial pollutants, rain, and saltwater. Transport damage during loading onto and unloading off trucks, train beds, and ships breach the paint coating, which contributes further to corrosion. The result is shortened container life and high costs for container
repair or replacement. The main reason for storage tank failure is corrosion. Fortunately, corrosion prevention technology exists, which can protect storage tanks and keep them structurally sound for years to come. ZINGA offers sustainable long-lasting protection to containers, tanks, and silos by creating active, galvanic protection to the underlying steel.

Project references

  • BELARUS – Kobrin Oil Pumping Station Tanks
  • BELGIUM – Coca-Cola Storage Tank, Paesen Concrete Mill Silos, Quartes Cattle Feed Silos, Snack Foods Silo
  • CHILE – Ewos Storage Tanks
  • GHANA – Dangote Greenview Cement Bagging Plant
  • MOROCCO – Grain Silos Nador Cereales, Shell Storage Tanks, Hydro Tanks
  • TAIWAN – Maersk Containers, Bomta Storage Tank
  • THAILAND – Chang Beer Storage Tanks, Red Bull Storage Tanks
  • UNITED KINGDOM – Exxon Mobile Oil Storage Tank, Braithwaite Potable Water Tank

Zinga on tanks, containers & silos

Key project: Shell (morocco)

Since 2006, 4 huge storage tanks for hydrocarbon products that are property of Shell have been repaired using a system based on ZINGA.

The biggest of these storage tanks measured 16 meters in height and 20 meters in diameter and has been repaired in
November 2007.

In order to provide long-lasting protection in the harsh marine and chemical environment, a duplex system, using Zingalufer as a sealer, has been used. This system has been successfully tested according to ISO 12944.

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