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What is the Zinga?

ZINGA is a one-component Film Galvanising System containing 96% atomized zinc in its dry film. It is a metallic coating and not a paint. The purity of the zinc used, is so high that dry ZINGA does not contain any toxic elements.

ZINGA is a unique form of corrosion protection because it provides full active cathodic protection and a passive coating barrier protection in a form that’s as easy to apply as a paint. ZINGA has since been used in a wide variety of projects throughout the world.

ZINGA is an active zinc performance coating which works in conjunction with the metal beneath, whereas paints are only passive barriers. Regardless of how thick paints are applied, they remain as barriers. Once they are breached, corrosion sets in immediately. Despite this significant difference ZINGA is still often mistaken for a paint simply because it’s liquid and comes in a tin. But there are other more subtle differences. For example it does not “skin over” in the tin because ZINGA has an unlimited pot-life and it doesn’t go “tacky” like a paint.

ZINGA® differentiates from other anti-corrosion methods in combining both Passive and Active protection in an easily applied film galvanizing system that not only delivers active cathodic protection but also provides a passive physical shield.

Characteristic and Advantage

  1. Easy to apply on-site
  2. Quick-drying time
  3. Does not peel off and is not brittle
  4. Recharging
  5. Can be top-coated
  6. Fire retardant properties
  7. Weld

Quality Qualification

As a consequence of ZINGA ‘s performance (proven by testing), ZINGA has been approved for use by governments, companies, and armies. The most important include:

  • Lloyd’s Register (Approval for use in void space)
  • European Technical Approval (Europe)
  • Approval by APAS (Australia)
  • Registration by Petrobras (Brazil)
  • Approval by Ministry of Transport (Canada)
  • Approval by Czech Railway (Czech Republic)
  • Approval by GASCO (Egypt)
  • Approval by Engineers India Limited (India)
  • Approval by PSA (Singapore)
  • Approval by Statoil (Norway)
  • Approval by CFE (Mexico)
  • Approval by Meralco (Philippines)
  • Approval by Agreement Technic (Romania)
  • Approval by SWCC (Saudi Arabia)
  • Approval by Land Rover (UK)
  • Approval by Crown’s Castle (USA)
  • Approval by SMRT (Singapore)
Our solutions
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  The lifetime of a transmission tower may reach 80 to 120 years, and proper maintenance is provided. Within this time some elements need to be changed (maybe earth wires, conductors, clamps), others need refurbishment (foundations, earthing grid). In most cases, steel towers need protection against corrosion. Hot-dip galvanizing is a common method for such […]
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Major failures have occurred in power plants due to single-phase or wet-steam erosion-corrosion, resulting in injuries or loss of life as well as extensive plant downtime. Both nuclear and fossil power plants as well as petrochemical plants are susceptible to erosion-corrosion. In power plants, corrosion processes are strongly affected by operational measured variables such as […]
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Unprotected pipelines, whether buried in the ground, exposed to the atmosphere, or submerged in water, are susceptible to corrosion. Without proper maintenance, every pipeline system will eventually deteriorate. Corrosion can weaken the structural integrity of a pipeline and make it an unsafe vehicle for transporting potentially hazardous materials. However, technology exists to extend pipeline structural […]
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Offshore structures by nature are exposed to some of the harshest environmental conditions in the world. The structural integrity and life of offshore structures is the single most important driver throughout its service life. With corrosion posing an ever-increasing risk to the depletion of structural integrity and featuring more regularly on operators’ agendas, an effective […]
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Year after year the cost of marine corrosion has increased with an estimation today of 4% of the Gross National Product. Many different types of destruction can attack structures, ships, and other equipment used in seawater service. The term ‘aqueous corrosion’ describes the majority of the most troublesome problems encountered in contact with seawater, but […]
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The development of modern transport infrastructure, transport systems, and vehicles belongs to the fundaments of competitiveness. The basic for choice and verification of materials and long-term surface corrosion treatments exposed to the atmospheric environment is the degree of corrosivity. For atmospheric corrosion, there are two dominant corrosion stimulators – industrial air pollution represented by SO2 […]
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The primary cause of corrosion on steel bridges is the exposure of the steel to atmospheric conditions. This corrosion is greatly enhanced due to marine (salt spray) exposures and industrial environments. Since bridges cannot be dismantled, they are protected by protective coatings and paints. Changes in environmental protection regulations have brought about the transformation of […]
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Many infrastructure facilities are deteriorating and literally crumbling. One major cause is inattention to corrosion control as part of an overall maintenance program. Corrosion damage is not always visible to the public, not nevertheless can lead to structural failure, loss of life, loss of capital investment, and environmental damage. The responsibility of preserving and maintaining […]
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