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dienVivablast has gained all through the year record of power plant improvement, for which our ultimate goal is to provide consistent bottom-line operating results. Whether the results are planted heat rate efficiency, reliability, availability, safety, or a combination of several measurable objectives, Vivablast possesses the experience and capabilities to deliver:

Construction – Phase Services:

  • Cooling Water Piping Lining: Executing quality surface preparation together with internal & external lining of above & underground piping including site welding joints coating after piping installation.
  • Tank Lining: Internal & external lining of filter water storage tanks, demineralized water tanks, potable water & other tanks including the provision of BS standard scaffolding for safe access.
  • Equipment and Piping Blasting and Painting: Shop and field professional surface preparation and coating application work for anti-corrosion protection of structural steel assets and equipment.
  • Equipment and Piping Insulation: Thermal and acoustic insulation of piping, stacks, casings, ducts and drums with quality mineral wool & calcium silicate materials and protection by metal jacketing.
  • Refractory Lining: We cover all phases of refractory construction in servicing Furnace Walls, Penthouse, Ash Hopper, Ducts, Burners…
  • Scaffolding: Mobilize big Teams of Scaffolders and large quantities of BS/ Ringlock scaffolding materials to support all the erection & commissioning works.
  • Rope Access: Execute field painting works with IRATA certified Rope Access Team for some hard-to-reach job sites.

Outages Maintenance Services:

  • Internal Lining Refurbishment for MCWP & Tanks: Clean, blast & apply safely, on-time and on-budget all types of high-performance linings over critical internal sections of cooling water pipings & tanks.
  • Ceramic Coating Refurbishment: Our advanced protective coating provides excellent cooling water, high temperature, and abrasion resistance at economical investment.
  • GT / ST / Diaphragm Cleaning: Aluminum oxide blast cleaning of steam turbines & diaphragms, including mobilization of temporary blasting chambers at site.
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning: Our systems allow from 300 bar to 2,500 bar of pressure (4,300 to 36,250PSI), for cleaning, paint removal, surface preparation by using an array of professional rotating nozzles with all types of jet configurations.
  • CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning and Air Blowing: We offer a safe, effective and fast way to complete maintenance on electric power generation equipment including generators, turbines, stators, rotors, compressors, boilers, and HRSGs.
  • Turbine Flexible Pillow Insulation: We deliver flexible & single-layer insulation to maximize turbines’ energy efficiency & safety by fixing, as well as to reduce maintenance costs and outages duration.
  • BS / Ringlock Scaffolding: Deliver watertight & safe scaffolding shelters for gas and steam turbines inspection and maintenance, 24 hours a day.
Our Projects
Phu My Shutdown
Duration: 2021 Location: Phu My – Vietnam Project Type: Shutdown Maintenance Services: Stack Silencer Crack Repair (Mechanical & Fabrication) Filter House Refurbishment Mechanical & Fabrication, Coating) Oil Filter Repair (Supply of equipment, steel fabrication and installation) Scope of supply: Supply of equipment, fabrication and installation Mechanical Services (welding, NDT testing) Anti-corrosion Service Scaffolding Access Service […]
Shutdown Mekong 5
Duration: 2021 Location: Mekong – Vietnam Scope of works: Fix Water leak at PAH pit Insulation Material Supply – PR 8746 HRSG Boiler Insulation Repair-PR 8809 Diffuser Boiler Insulation Repair-PR 8886 HRSG Diffuser Insulation Pillow repair HRSG Steam Turbine-Insulation Pillow Repair Scaffolding Service-PR 8711 (Shutdown) Zinga and Odin Gel Material Supply DO Tank-Nozzle/sprinklers Replacement PR […]
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Since inception, Vivablast has been servicing industry leaders for major outage/shutdown projects.We secure and maintain operating industrial assets with professional integrated solutions and specialty services.
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Since 1994, Vivablast has been servicing industry leaders for major construction projects.We secure and protect plants and equipment in construction with professional integrated solutions and specialty services.
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