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Power plant maintenance program

Since inception, Vivablast has been servicing industry leaders for major outage/shutdown projects.
We secure and maintain operating industrial assets with professional integrated solutions and specialty services.


Duration: 2005 – 2025

Work description:

•  Daily maintenance: painting, insulation, BS scaffolding, cleaning

•  More than 100 tons of BS scaffolding material mobilized every year for shutdowns

•  Turbines & diaphragms blast-cleaning, FRP Casing Repair

•  Water tanks internal lining & Leak repair

•  Gas station cold insulation

•  Floor coating & hardener

•  Expansion Joint Replacement

•  Air inlet house and HRSG spot repair


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Duration: 2016 – 2021

Work description:

•  Gas Turbines & Steam Turbines OEM insulation pillows maintenance

•  Diffuser and Fin Tube Repair: Cut, Weld, Material replacement, Insulation application

•  Filter House and Stack Repair: Steel structure replacement, Blasting, Painting application.

•  BS scaffolding, Rope Access, Crane access support

•  Cathode protection for MCW Pipeline, Wear Pad Installation at Gas Pipe Support.

•  Auxiliary Boiler Repair

•  D.O Filter Upgrade


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Duration: 2018, 2019

Work description:

• Perform coating application work for filter house (GT22)

• Power Plant Thermal Spray Coating ID Fan Impeller


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Duration: 2018, 2019

Work description:

• Survey for steam turbine insulation repair

• Turbine flexible pillow insulation, new fabrication, fact finding & repair

• Boiler Cleaning: Using rope access to remove slag and refractory


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Duration: 2018 – 2021

Work description:

• Re-hot deep galvanizing & package handrail, plate & ladder

• Coating for Xylence column

• Blasting and Painting for Boiler Steel Structure & Fireproofing work at Vinh Tan 4

• Blasting & Painting at Dung Quat WS


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>  Project: Blasting Room Upgrade

>  Duration: 2019

>  Works description:

• Supply of Material, Equipment and Manpower to upgrade blasting room


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