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Mechanical Solutions by top prestigious mechanical contractor – VIVABLAST

Metal equipment or steel structure is easily subject to corrosion and damages after the long-term operation, which affects the productivity of plants/ factories, in some severe cases, is requested for a sudden shutdown or extremely expensive cost for replacement. To avoid these disadvantages, VIVABLAST – the prestigious mechanical contractor has been servicing Mechanical Maintenance Solutions.

About Mechanical solutions provided by VIVABLAST – The prestigious mechanical contractor in Vietnam

When it comes to a mechanical contractor, VIVABLAST proudly offers versatile solutions with highly technical expertise to support our clients in industrial challenges.
Metal equipment and steel structure are highly corroded and damaged subject after the long-term operation, which may affect the productivity of plants/factories. In some severe cases, it can result in a sudden shutdown and cost a fortune for replacement.
To avoid these problems above, VIVABLAST introduces Mechanical Maintenance Solutions, especially for Power Generation and Oil & Gas Industries, from technical advice to project implementation for:
  • Heavy equipment (diffuser, boiler, HRSG’s non-pressure parts, expansion joint, filter house, tank…)
  • Steel structure including piping
Mechanical maintenance solutions provided by VIVABLAST principally include the execution of Cutting, Welding, Steel structure replacement, (Un) installation, taken by seasoned personnel, who possess certain qualifications from International Organizations, based on International Standards such as ASME IX, ISO 9606,…
Besides, we also offer (pre) commissioning packages and cleaning solutions for boilers & turbines to support productivity progress.
Everything is accomplished in compliance with international standards (latest ISO 45001:2008 and OHSAS 18001) and the client’s specifications.

Responsibilities of mechanical contractor – Mechanical maintenance solutions by VIVABLAST

Basically, each mechanical contractor of ours is responsible for supervising mechanical projects, consisting of heating/cooling, piping, plumbing, and electrical systems for administrative buildings.
The requirement of a mechanical contractor includes a good understanding of the timeline and budget, as well as additional skills in software and IT. The role can extend to designing, fabricating, installing, continuously maintenance, and repair throughout the expectancy of the building.

What are the particular jobs of a mechanical contractor?

The working process is the unique point of a mechanical contractor, in which mechanical parts are designed in advance and installed right after that. 
Consequently, contractors have to rely on VDC / BIM solutions, allowing them to build a virtual structure before actually building it. It is to prevent cost waste in design and construction.
In detail, the specific jobs undertaken by the mechanical contractor include:
  • Human resource management
  • Task assignation
  • Resource monitoring
  • Construction and maintenance supervision
  • Diverter, casing, HRSG refurbishing
  • Boilers and chimney/stack refurbishing
  • Filter house and transformer refurbishing.
The contractors also manage mechanical projects and applications. They are in charge of installation, production, and system maintenance. An explicit comprehension of the process and budget is a necessity, sometimes IT skills as an addition.

Why choose VIVABLAST –  The reputable mechanical contractor in Vietnam

For installing mechanical machinery processes to be implemented precisely and on schedule, companies need a trustworthy and experienced mechanical contractor. In addition, the contractor should propose a professional procedure to ensure an accurate installation process.
  • Machinery will be set up by a qualified, enthusiastic, and responsible team.
  • The team has many years of experience in working for large-scale factories.
  • Affordable cost of services.
  • Excellent guarantee and maintenance service
  • The quick installation process, assuring the required equipment is put into operation on time.
Our solutions
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Innovative repair methods apply thermal spray with high quality and long term guarantee, use of different materials applied to specific equipment/ metal parts such as Aluminum, Zinc, Alloy (HVOF) for prevention of metal loss and protection of structure in long-term operation
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Vivablast Mechanical Services cover In-Situ Machining And Controlled Bolting works which are cold pipe cutting & beveling, flange facing and controlled bolting.All of these above scopes are performed by our technical experts and seasoned technicians who are certified and qualified by International Organization.
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Equipment is usually subjected to corrosion, damages after long term of production, notably for heavy equipment in hazardous operation environment. Since 2016, Vivablast has been developing the Mechanical Maintenance services in order to provide to our valued clients the well-constructed solutions for their own situations
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Project commissioning is the process of assuring that all systems and components of a building or industrial plant are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner or final client. A commissioning process may be applied not only to new projects but also to existing units and systems subject to expansion, renovation or revamping.
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Specialized cleaning works are designed for Coal-fired Boilers and Turbines, which are performed by Vivablast skilled technicians. The scopes of work cover Coal Fired Boiler Cleaning, Chemical cleaning and Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cleaning.
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