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We provide complete thermal insulation services for piping, equipment, vessels, tanks, and ducting systems. We focus especially on petrochemical, petroleum refining, fertilizer, industrial, and manufacturing projects from construction-phase to periodical maintenance. Our application of state-of-the-art materials combined with innovative techniques and modern approaches make thermal insulation work better in terms of quality and aesthetics. We thrive to provide solutions that reduce operational costs as well as sustainably contribute to general energy saving.

As a result, our combined experience, and technical competence in thermal, acoustic insulation has brought a valued list of satisfied customers with long-term partnerships.

Our solutions
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We deliver hot, cold, acoustic insulation with all types of materials (rockwool, glasswool, calcium silicate, Armaflex, polyurethane foam), metal coverings and ancillaries depending on temperature requirements.
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SpreFix G is a lightweight non-combustible material (density 45-50 kg/m3), composed of fine and airy granulate wool mixed with a two component binder, with temperature resistance up to up to 600°C which provides thermal, acoustic and moisture insulation.
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Vivablast provides CAD designed flexible insulation pillows made from fiberglass tissues and insulation materials for valves, flanges, piping & all types of industrial equipment requiring regular access & maintenance.
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Vivablast provides clients with unmatched refractory installation services and brings to the table more than 6 years of experience through our services specialists and supervisors with an average of 3 years of craft experience with the capability of Refractory Installation, Quality Control-Inspection of Refractory Lining and Materials.
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