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Scaffolding BS1139 Standard

Scaffolding BS1139 standard for materials

Our Expatriate Inspectors, Experienced Supervisors, and Advanced Scaffolders are able to perform any scaffolding works flexibly and safely even within a narrow deadline.

What is the BS1139 scaffolding standard?


To form a scaffolding BS1139 standard system in accordance with regulations to ensure work quality safety requires many high requirements. BS1139 scaffolding is a scaffolding system consisting of galvanized or galvanized steel pipes tightly linked together by a system of accessories such as rotating shackles, couplers, clamps, putlog, boards, ladders, etc.

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Please see more information below:

  • Tubes:
  1. Outer Diameter (including coating): 48.3 mm (± 0.5 mm)
  2. Pipe wall thickness: 3.2 mm; 3.6 mm; 3.8 mm; 4.0 mm
  3. Material: Steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, corrosion resistance, long life
  4. Requirements: Achieve hardness, tensile strength according to BS 1139 standard.

The pipes must have a regular cylindrical configuration. Deviation from the straight line does not exceed 3 mm per meter of length. The maximum deflection over the entire length L of the pipe does not exceed 0.002L.

  • Scaffolding clamps, Couplers:
  1. Includes: Essential clamps, rotating clamps, Pipe-connecting clamps, Single clamps, Clamps of the cheeks, Clamps of beams, Clamps of bipedal planks
  2. Material: Steel, galvanized steel, anti-corrosion, long service life
  3. Requirements: Achieve hardness, tensile strength according to BS 1139 standard
  4. Application: The accessories of shackles, scaffolding clamps are used to necessarily link 2 sections of steel pipes with diameters from 42 to 49 mm together and insist on beams, scaffolding and tubes to ensure rigidity and no shaking.
  • Scaffolding boards:
  1. Width: 310 mm – 360 mm
  2. Length: 1000 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm, 3000 mm
  3. Material thickness: 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm
  4. Material: Ton zinc, hot-dip galvanized steel, corrosion resistance, long life
  5. Requirements: Achieve hardness, tensile strength according to BS 1139 standard. Withstand large loads according to the design. Flat surface with non-slip holes. With or without a safety keychain
  6. Application: Used to create a workspace for the construction operator to operate more conveniently and easily.

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Why do we need to apply scaffolding BS1139 standard?

We can see a scaffolding BS1139 standard popularly mentioned in Construction and Engineering.

The use of scaffolding BS1139 standard is one of the essential scaffolding requirements that units need to comply with. Because compliance with the standards calculated and issued by the Ministry of Construction will help ensure the safety of the project during the construction process.

In addition, construction scaffolding is one of the important materials that determine the success or failure of construction works. Therefore, construction scaffolding needs certain evaluation and production criteria to ensure construction safety as well as the effectiveness of works.



Scaffolding BS1139 standard services provide by VIVABLAST

To be able to erect type-type scaffolding properly requires workers to be trained methodically, and in-depth to have enough knowledge and skills necessary to serve the erection, adjustment, and dismantling of the pipe system, connecting common scaffolding.

Currently, only a few units provide scaffolding installation services according to scaffolding BS1139 standard in Vietnam and VIVABLAST is one of them.

With an available large quantity and ISO 9001 standard in operation, our scaffolding services are appointed in all types of projects in Construction, Planned and unplanned maintenance programs, fabricated structures, and buildings.

Our vision is to be the most preferred and trustful solution provider for industrial asset preservation. As a leading industrial service provider, we have been operating for more than 24 years from Vietnam; have been already playing an active role in the sustainable industrial development of Vietnam and several South East Asia Countries where we operate. As responsive corporate citizens, we promote safety and ethics in our working and business environments.

Applications of Scaffolding BS1139 Standard

  • Freestanding scaffolds
  • Hanging scaffolds
  • Cantilever scaffolds
  • Mobile scaffolds
  • Confined space scaffolds
  • Independent tied scaffolds
  • Shelters
  • Staircases
  • Temporary workshops
  • Weather protection

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