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    Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering reliable services and maximizing the efficiency of your solar power system. Whether you require installation, maintenance, or repair services, we have the necessary skills and resources to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Harnessing the Power of Nature
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Premier provider of mechanical services

VIVABLAST is recognized for our exceptional quality and expertise.

VIVABLAST was founded in 1994, as a 100% foreign-owned company with an ambition to become the most preferred and trustful service provider for industrial assets protection in Southeast Asia.

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What is the role of solar installation? Why should you use solar energy?

Solar system installation service allows us to make the most of solar energy. The advantage of insolation is that it is renewable, and eternal, without worrying about exhaustion. Sun energy helps to save electricity costs by not having to use grid electricity; with no operating costs, and low maintenance costs.

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Solar installation, commissioning, and maintenance by VIVABLAST

VIVABLAST (Vietnam) is your local partner in renewables and an industry leader in the ASEAN market. With over 27 years of collective experience across all aspects of ‘Engineering‘, ‘Procurement’ and ‘Construction’ (EPC) industrial projects, our company brings to bear a wealth of technical expertise, quality in delivery, and ongoing operations capability, unlike any in the market. With the latest solar technology, accessories, zero upfront interest solutions, and ASEAN‐wide coverage, you will have comfort knowing you are working with one of Vietnam’s best Commercial and Industrial solar companies.

VIVABLAST (Vietnam) has always been at the forefront of sustainable energy and power in Vietnam. We believe that commercial renewable resources are about helping the environment and doing it in a way that makes good business and financial sense. Our large‐scale solar solutions deliver outstanding returns on investment.

Whether a solar installation is set up on rooftops at industrial buildings, sports clubs, movie theatres, office buildings, shopping malls, or in car parks, they are sustainable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, and affordable. Allow us to help you manage rising energy costs, gain a leg up over the competition and reduce your reliance on the electricity grid.

Our specialties include commercial renewable resources, commercial LED solutions, battery storage solutions, solar farms, microgrids, and more.

Core values of VIVABLAST’s service – Solar installation

  1. Quality: Being fanatically responsible for the superior service we deliver
  2. Technology: We maintain a suite of service and product offerings that reflect the continual innovation of our products, technology, and processes.
  3. People: Building a community routed in integrity, caring, and personal empowerment
  4. Productivity: Celebrating balanced teamwork and hard work while respecting our team’s lifestyles.
  5. Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Policy: Our goal: create and sustain an incident‐free environment delivering excellent HSE performance at every level
  6. Safety as a value and a culture:
  • Clear commitment to safety by management
  • Workforce participation in safety problems and solutions
  • A competent workforce

Project stages of PV power plants for self‐consumption by VIVABLAST

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One of the key conditions for successfully implementing the rooftop solar power plant project is the high‐quality design of such facilities. Among the companies that are professionally engaged in the installation of solar power plants on the roofs, as well as responsibly and efficiently manage such projects — is VIVABLAST Vietnam.
Our own project team has sufficient experience in the design of roof power plants, which is further enhanced by the presence of our own service unit. We offer turnkey services for the design and installation of rooftop solar power systems on buildings and structures of any type of complexity.

Services for Technical Inspection of a Solar Power Plant – Solar installation

  • Analysis of work and assessment of the technical condition of the main technological equipment of the geothermal power station
  • Aero thermography and visual inspection of PV arrays (Photovoltaic arrays)
  • Local ground‐based thermal imaging and visual inspection of photovoltaic modules and other power electrical equipment
  • Measurements of volt‐ampere characteristics of solar modules
  • Other standard and specific tests
  • Monitoring the condition of the fasteners of solar panels, including monitoring the state of mounting metal structures, fasteners, and connecting elements
  • Assessment of the dustiness of the surfaces of photovoltaic panels.
  • Identification of the main reasons for the decline in productivity with recommendations for restoring the design specifications of the solar power farm

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Solar installation service by VIVABLAST – Unlimited source of energy

VIVABLAST’s solar energy services include insolation installation, solar system installation, and Rooftop sun. Insolation is the key to a clean energy future. The sun gives off far more energy every day than we need to power everything on earth.

What is the role of solar installations? Why should we use solar energy?

Solar system installation service allows us to make the most of energy from the sun. The advantage of solar power is that it is renewable, and eternal, without worrying about exhaustion. Insolation helps to save electricity costs by not having to use grid electricity; no operating costs, and low maintenance costs.

Benefits of solar system installation for businesses and individuals

Thanks to the solar installation service, we can use solar energy, from here:

  • Reduce the impact on the environment: Sun energy is a clean energy source with little negative impact on the environment. Because it does not create greenhouse gases, not pollute water sources, and does not affect the surrounding environment.
  • Reduce electricity bills: Using sun energy is self-generating electricity. This means you will use less electricity from the supplier. It is clear that you can save a lot of money by using less electricity from your suppliers.
  • Sun power applies everywhere: Wherever there is sunlight it is possible to deploy insolation there. This is especially useful for remote areas that do not have access to any other power sources.
  • Cooling and infrastructure protection roof: Insolation systems built on the roof of households, factories, and tourist areas, often have a large area and concentrate sunlight… Installation of solar power, the heat energy will turn into electricity. Therefore, your home will become cooler. Reducing negative impacts on the environment but also creating electricity for your living and production activities.

Solar installation, commissioning, and maintenance by VIVABLAST

VIVABLAST with our strategic partner provides solar solutions including solar installation, also panel maintenance. Solar PV is the result of the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, directly using photovoltaic (PV), indirectly using concentrated solar power or a combination. Solar systems focus on using lenses or mirrors and sun energy tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam. Photoelectric cells convert light into electric current thanks to the photoelectric effect.

VIVABLAST performs alternative energy through two models: NO CAPEX installation and Direct supply following European standards for design, construction, and sourcing.

With solar collectors, we have limitless solar energy. The sun provides more than enough energy to meet the world’s energy needs, and unlike fossil fuels, it is not going to be depleted anytime soon. This is a renewable energy source. A unique constraint of geothermal power is the ability to turn it into electrical energy efficiently and save costs. Besides, after installing rooftop solar, insolation systems, operational costs are quite low compared to other forms of power generation.

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Solar installation cleaning service by VIVABLAST

In addition to providing installation services, VIVABLAST also provides insolation cleaning services. With our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art cleaning solution, VIVABLAST optimizes the performance of existing solar installations through regular maintenance.

Periodic sun installation cleaning makes it easy for users to detect the dangers of battery failure and fix them promptly. Ensure the insolation system always operates in the best conditions as well as maintain a sustainable life of the battery. Usually, you should clean once or twice a year.

Be proactive in monitoring the sun battery system in order to capture the efficiency and economic benefits of the system in accordance with initial expectations. Understand the wishes of customers and investors.

With our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art cleaning solution, VIVABLAST optimizes the performance of existing sun installation through regular maintenance.

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