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What is sludge treatment, and why is it important in industry?

What is Sludge Treatment & Why is it Important? Learn about sludge treatment, its importance in various industries, and its different types.

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Sludge treatment is one of the most important jobs to ensure that the factory’s discharge does not severely impact to the environment. In this article, we will provide basic information about sludge treatment and solutions that VIVABLAST is providing.

Sludge treatment: Definition, industrial role and the treatment service at VIVABLAST

This article includes 3 main ideas as below:

  1. The definition of sludge and sludge processing treatment
  2. The importance of the treatment
  3. Introduction about the treatment service that VIVABLAST is providing

What are sludge and sludge treatment? How many sludge processing methods are there?

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1.1. What is sludge?

Before learning about sludge treatment, please take a look at what sludge is. Sewage sludge is a by-product generated during wastewater treatment in urban areas and industrial zones. Sludge typically includes organic matter from human waste, food scraps, microorganisms, trace chemicals, inorganic solids, and water for residential spaces.Sludge also comes from industrial plants in many industries such as food, pulp, paper production, chemicals, and fuels… The amount of sludge discharged will vary by industry. Some industrial sludge can be sent straight through the city sewer network to be treated with municipal sludge or sent to a treatment plant.

1.2. What is sludge treatment?

Sludge treatment is the process of treating the amount of sludge present in wastewater to minimize its adverse impacts on humans and the environment and as well as it into usable materials. When adequately treated, sludge can be used as agricultural fertilizer. The quality of the treated sludge will vary depending on the initial wastewater composition. The treatment is carried out for the following purposes:

  • Reducing the number of harmful microorganisms, which can cause pathogens, and preventing them from affecting human health and the living environment.
  • Stabilizing some organic components in the sludge prevents them from turning into toxic gasses that are harmful to the atmosphere.
  • Reducing its final mass, thereby minimizing the handling costs. Sludge usually accounts for only 0.2 – 0.4% of the wastewater received by the treatment plant, but it accounts for up to 50% of the plant operating costs for treatment.
  • Collecting reusable or resold by-products to offset disposal costs.

1.3. Treatment process classification

The sludge treatment processes can be categorized into 3 types according to the criteria:

1. The effluent origin
  • Urban sludge
  • Industrial sludge
2. The wastewater treatment phase
  • Primary sludge
  • Secondary sludge (biological)
  • Mixed sludge
  • Tertiary sludge (chemical or physicochemical)
3. The sludge line treatment
  • Thickening
  • Stabilization
  • Dehydration

The importance of sludge treatment: More than just anti-pollution purpose

Wastewater without sludge treatment cannot be recovered. When sludge is separated from wastewater, it needs to be treated explicitly because it can pollute the environment, create unpleasant odors for residential areas or affect health.At the same time, sludge is also considered a potential recycling resource and is increasingly being exploited. Wastewater treatment companies can recover biogas from sludge to turn it into a nutrient-rich fertilizer product thanks to anaerobic digestion technology. The value of sludge treatment is not only in controlling the risk of pollution but also in recovering and regenerating resources.

VIVABLAST: The leading provider of sludge treatment solutions in Vietnam

Most domestic and industrial wastewater in Vietnam is discharged directly into the natural water environment, such as rivers, lakes, canals, and the sea, causing severe water pollution. When there is too much sludge, the water quality is significantly reduced. As a result, sludge treatment is essential to ensure the manufacturers’ commitment to the environment. VIVABLAST applies many advanced technologies such as WWTF (wastewater treatment plant), MICS ASIA ((mobile industrial cleaning service) and Kemira sustainable treatment and chemical products to bring water & mud treatment solutions throughout Vietnam. These are all widely used technologies in the world. Those technologies are sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient choices for wastewater & sludge treatment for industries, helping avoid ecological disasters in Vietnam.sludge treatment vivablast 3Advantages of industrial wastewater & sludge treatment services provided by VIVABLAST:

  • Our solutions enable the reuse of valuable waste.
  • Accelerate wastewater management for sustainable hybrid goals.
  • With a team of well-trained technicians, along with Kemira products, our EU-certified treatment system meets all the stringent standards of the domestic environmental regulatory agency.

For more information about our treatment solutions, you can visit the introduction of dewatering and sludge treatment services on VIVABLAST’s website, or you can connect directly with us via:

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We hope that our above article has provided you with a lot of helpful information about the sludge treatment process, both in industry and urban areas. If you are looking for an effective, fast, and guaranteed solution provider according to European standards, then VIVABLAST will be a worth-considering company.Our other Green Solutions:

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About Us

Vivablast was founded in 1994, as a 100% foreign-owned company with an ambition to become the most preferred and trustful service provider for industrial assets protection in Southeast Asia.

Over the past two decades, Southeast Asia experienced rapid economic growth with significant investments in industrial facilities, equipment, and infrastructures of Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Marine, Power Generation & Manufacturing sectors.

Hence, Vivablast has succeeded as a reliable subcontractor for many International & Domestic companies by delivering our professional services to such prestigious companies as PIRIOU, JGCS, Technip, KNOC, Metacor, PTSC groups, Vietsovpetro, etc. with great passion.

Our innovative system of mobile blasting & painting workshops can be mobilized anywhere in Southeast Asia for all major projects and infrastructure sites, which has performed very well during Vietnam’s first refinery project – Dung Quat followed by Vung Ang 1.2 Power Plant project and the biggest Oil & Gas complex in Vietnam – Nghi Son Refinery.

In 2014, Vivablast landed in the soils of Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia to capture the growing demands of customers at any time and anywhere.

Over 28 years of steady deliberate growth, we feel confident and proud of our team and their capacities to play a vital role in the multi-disciplinary industrial services provider.

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Vivablast is a company that offers surface preparation and industrial painting solutions for various industries such as oil and gas, marine, construction, and mining. Some of the solutions they offer include abrasive blasting, hydro blasting, tank cleaning, industrial coating, and passive fire protection.

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Vivablast is a global provider of industrial asset protection solutions in Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and surrounding countries. Vivablast is a 100% foreign-owned Company accredited ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 by Bureau Veritas with offices and setup over South-East Asia. Since 1994, we have been servicing industry leaders in major projects from construction phase to maintenance programs. Our vertical expertise includes all industry sectors, particularly: oil & gas, power & utilities, shipbuilding, mining and manufacturing. We design and deliver professional services to preserve our Clients’ assets sustainably, through efficient and reliable specialty services and integrated solutions.

Vivablast is committed to sustainability and social responsibility. The company aims to reduce its environmental impact through various initiatives, such as implementing environmentally friendly technologies and reducing waste. Additionally, Vivablast has programs in place to support its employees, their families, and the communities in which they operate. The company also supports various charitable organizations and encourages its employees to participate in community service activities.